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Wave Paint By Number Kit
Wave Paint By Number, Easy to Draw
Wave Paint By Number, Easy to Draw

Wave Paint By Number, Easy to Draw

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The wave we see crashing on the beach has a story to narrate from wind-blown ripples to breaking on the beach. A story that began its journey thousands of miles away. Often blown over by ungovernable winds while the largest waves are created by distant storms.

Not many would know that water does not really travel in waves. Water simply transfers energy.

Once a wave grows too steep to hold together, it breaks. The ebb and flow of waves is the life force of an ocean. There is something soothing about waves, the smell of salt water, and the feel of sand beneath the feet.

Add a sunset to the scene, and the mind reached a meditative state. This painting catches a wave on its downward surge, about to hit the shore dramatically in a few moments. The fleeting brilliance it acquires as if to cast a spell on the onlookers , as it curls over and is about to roll down and fade away.

The golden rays of the sun work their magic, lending a glow to the wave, concealing its blue hue, that we associate water of oceans with.

This is a perfect piece to work on, when you want to do away with multiplicity of elements in the scenes, and focus on perfecting a few. The play of colors lends the fun factor and you’d be eager to complete it and display it prominently in a chosen corner of your home.

The gently turbulent scene might inspire you to take frequent, guilt-free breaks in a packed day, when you can hold a warm mug of coffee and stare at it, losing the track of time.

You’ll enjoy painting this work of art. The use of warm and cool color tones make this piece very appealing to the eye.

It isn’t just a joy to look at, but it also makes a great conversation starter with its use of an abstract style.

The bold and sometimes undefined shapes, colors, forms and lines create a visual language that you can master with our paint-by-numbers kit.

Wave Paint By Number made easy. Order your kit today.

Size: 20" X 16" (50cm X 40cm)

Numbered high-quality cotton canvas

Numbered acrylic-based paint set.

Paint brush set - 2 thin, 1 medium, 1 wide.

Varnish to add brightness and preserve the finished painting

Easy-to-follow instruction guide.

Reference sheet.